Justice Repeatedly Delayed

When Paul Yore mention hearing was scheduled for courtroom 1 of Melbourne Magistrates Court I had some hope that the case might progress. Courtroom 1 is the courtroom where they hold the mention hearings for the big cases; the murders, the baby killers and MP Craig Thomson’s corruption accusations.

Looking at the court lists on the ground floor of the Magistrates Court I was disappointed to see that it had been moved to Courtroom 11. Again there were a few journalists in Courtroom 11 from before 11 am and, again there was no sign of Paul Yore or the Informant, Snr. Cons. S. Johnson of Victoria Police. There was a notice on the door of courtroom 11 that impenetrably said that “SOL cases” had been moved to courtroom 12. By the time that the AAP journalist and myself found out what “SOL cases” meant the Paul Yore hearing had been adjourned again until the 14th of February.

Last year on the 25th of November there was meant to be a mention hearing for Paul Yore in the Melbourne Magistrates Court but the case was adjourned. See my post: Justice Delayed.

The whole absurd case is a waste of time and is just creating further delays in Victoria’s justice system, as if there isn’t enough delays in Victoria’s justice system already. Victoria’s Magistrates Courts have the largest backlog of cases of any jurisdiction in Australia; according the annual report of the Victorian Magistrates Court 8.7% of cases pending for more than 12 months. (Annual Report 2011-12 p.91)

Scroll down the page for the inevitable comment from the troll that started this legal waste of time, Adrian Jackson.

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3 responses to “Justice Repeatedly Delayed

  • Adrian Jackson

    I knew it was to be put off to Feburary. You should do you homework Holsworth before wasting your time at courts 1, 11 and 12.

    Linden Gallery have taken up my suggestion that they open over Summer when St Kilda is full of visitors instead of closing most of December and January as in the past. I checked out the lastest exhibition earlier this week and more people were coming and going. All they need to do now is charge an entry fee to cover the annual costs. There are no poor people in gentrified Port Phillip now so visitors can afford to pay to get in now

  • Adrian Jackson

    The policewomans rank is Det Snr Const not just Snr Const. She is a detective. I have told you that before Holsworth

    • Mark Holsworth

      You are not a reliable source, so I don’t believe any of the stuff you write. If she is a Detective it is not what is on the court documents there she is just listed as Snr Const. I trust court documents far more than your comments or allegations by the Victorian Police.

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