Next Wave – Videos & Notes

Kings A.R.I. has three video artists, part of the Next Wave Festival. Alec Doherty’s ‘Text’ that looked impressive and functional, a tower of technology, wires, cables, circuit boards, suspended from the ceiling with a triangle of DVD players and a triangle of LED displays, However, the connection between Yahoo search terms on LED, Alec’s voyeuristic fantasy interpretations on DVD and the tower of technology failed to come together in any meaningful way. And after hearing Doherty’s talk at the gallery on Saturday 24th May I wasn’t sure if any of his imaginary connections in the work were meaningful.

The other video art at Kings worked a lot better – the ideas were clear, the installation elegant and effective.

Kay Abude’s “Moving Document: Supermarket Exhibition” is a wonderful work about contemporary art with many. Abude takes ideas from minimalist art (Karl Andre and early Christo spring to mind) and creates them using supermarket products. This was videoed and the video installed in the isles the Glenroy supermarket complete with art opening drinks. The art opening in the supermarket was videoed. In Kings A.R.I. the three video projectors show the arrangements of objects, the video installation and art opening in a well-edited sequence.

Julie Traitsis video installation ” Open Embrace” presents a tango dancer’s perspective on video with a choice of an attractive male or female partner. The choice depends on which way the individual viewer faces the screens. There can only face one with the two screens so close together. It is simple concept effectively presented an intense experience looking into the eyes of your dance partner.

People interacting with Absence in Campbell Arcade

I didn’t think that much of Hiromi Tango’s installation, ‘Absence’ at Vitrine and Sample (part of Platform at Campbell Arcade, Degraves St. Subway), just another exhibition of handmade books and works on paper. The Vitrine cabinet looked more chaotic with a range of fluorescent post-it notes scattered across its surface. There were pads of post-it notes and pens for people to use at the Vitrine cabinet inviting interactivity. Nothing to write in blog about I thought but after a second look on Saturday I changed my mind. The post-it notes had spread across the windows of the cabinets and there was a small crowd looking at the installation, people coming and going reading, photographing it and writing more post-it notes. It was clear from the public’s response that Tango’s attempt to engage with the public and that the public (not just graffiti writers) are keen to communicate, tell their story and to leave their mark in the city.

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