Axioms Spill

I almost saw it happen at Nick Waddell’s exhibition “Axioms” at The Projects on Johnston St. It is the closest I’ve been to the destruction of a work of art.

I saw the little two kids just outside the shop-front gallery; their mother was in the shop next door, when I entered the gallery. The two women in attendance at the gallery were talking in the office. I was in the backroom gallery when the partial destruction of Nick Waddell’s installation “Sorted 100’s and 1000’s” occurred. The 100’s and 1000’s cake decoration balls of colored sugar had been hand sorted by Nick Waddell’s friends and family into separate jars placed just above floor level in the gallery. Two of the jars had been tipped over and the contents mixed.

Waddell had used 100’s and 1000’s in other work in the exhibitions, most effectively in Spectrum 3D a light globe filled with the colored candy. The exhibition is mixed because Waddell can’t decide if he wants to be an amusing colorful post-minimalist like Felix Gonzalez-Torres, or a photographer with a Bill Henson filter, or a contemporary expressionist painter. There were even two collages amongst the mixture. I hope that in his next exhibition Waddell has decided on a direction for his art.

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