Current Street Art in Fitzroy

There is always some new street art to see in Fitzroy. When I was there an artist on scaffolding was painting a bird on the wall a block up Brunswick St. on Westgarth St.

Artist at work in Fitzroy

Artist at work in Fitzroy

On a wall on the corner of Brunswick St. and Leicester St. in Fitzroy there is now a magnificent legal street art project. (Doyle told me about this and suggested that I should get down and see the wall being painting but I had other things to do that Monday and unfortunately missed the event.) The large wall is covered in lots and lots of faces from both established and emerging street artists. The theme of faces unites the variety of styles of the many artists. The trust and modesty that the artists had to allow their image to be partially covered by another is one of the strengths of this piece.DSC04231DSC04220

DSC04233There is a lot of aerosol art around Brunswick St.; often they are legal pieces on the external walls of cafes, restaurants, bars and boutiques. The Everfresh crew and others are working with a boulder background of painted rocks. I’m not taken by this rock style as it just looks crude and contrived.

Ever Fresh off Brunswick St.

Ever Fresh off Brunswick St.

Street sculpture continues in Fitzroy as in this example by Junky Projects.

Junky Projects

Junky Projects

Street sculpture can be one of the most imaginative and difficult of the street art techniques. However, I think that hanging objects from overhead wires in the street is no better than tagging. Recently I’ve seen shoes, buckets and even teddy bears hanging from wires above the street.

On the sidewalks in Fitzroy chalk stencils are an indicator of an advertising campaign – I don’t know why street artists don’t use it. Chalk dust is pounded through a stencil on the pavement; this is legal because the chalk dust can be removed with water and a stiff broom. I have noticed a number of advertisers using this guerilla advertising technique from condom campaigns to university enrolment.

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