More Street Art Sculpture

Now that I’m looking for it I’m seeing a lot more high quality street art sculpture. Junky Projects and Malfunction have both been busy, or maybe I am just seeing more.

I don’t know who does these well-constructed boxes: “Suggestion Box”. (Vetti says that they are by Nick Ilton, see her comment). The Suggestion Box person has also done another box: “In Case of Paranoia…” (A friend rescued this one from destruction by M/train). Both are very clever sculptures, the subversive suggestion of interactivity that they present is fun. The suggestion box idea has been done before, for example see this photo, but it is still repeatable.

In several of Melbourne’s lanes there are these castings of the space between styrofoam packing. Casting the interior space is a very Rachel Whiteread kind of idea. These sculptures show that not all street art is figurative.

How will street sculpture develop? Melbourne desperately need more sculpture in an increasingly uniform urban environment and if the government won’t do it then individuals will take action.

Anyway here are some more photos of street art sculpture from around Australia; and if you want more see my street art sculpture video.

A legal street sculpture wall next to a parking lot in Adelaide.

A detail of that same parking lot wall in Adelaide

Seen on a wall in Brisbane's West End

Junky Projects, Melbourne

Mal Function, Melbourne


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