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Sexhibitionist @ Collingwood Gallery

“Art has treated erotic themes at almost all periods, because eroticism lies at the root of all human life.” – Eduard Fuche

Erotic art exhibition group shows are something that everyone thinks are a great idea at the time and often regrets after the event. It is not always to everyone’s taste. It wasn’t as wonderful as they expected. The regrets are often there… for the exhibitors and the viewers… I have regretted seeing some of them.

I didn’t have any regrets viewing “Sexhibitionist – 10 exhibitionists, 1 art exhibition, 0 inhibition” at Collingwood Gallery. I had just wandered in from the street and I wasn’t expecting much from another erotic art exhibition by a group of unknown artists in a rental space gallery … I just hoped that it wasn’t going to be embarrassingly awful. It wasn’t; it is attractive and even, beautiful. It is just an average group exhibition otherwise but the erotic theme worked (affordable prices too).

Photography is a great media for the erotic and both of the photographers in this exhibition, Simon O’Shea and Christian Were, used it well. Were’s photographs have a sophisticated eroticism with a popcorn cheek to them.

Many of the drawings and paintings in the exhibition are influenced by manga and other comic book illustration styles. Comic book illustration has given erotic art back a style and with style comes more feelings, something more than just the erotic, a sense of elegance, of nostalgia, and even of humour. Amy Longhurst’s drawings of feral nymphs and animals are pretty and Matt Tingate’s painting “On the Corner” is a great display of liner style, simple and effective.

One of the surprisingly good features of this group exhibition is that it is a group exhibition. So if an artist’s view of the erotic is not to the viewers taste, or their art isn’t – the double jeopardy of erotic art, then there is other artist’s art to look at. It is not all photography and illustration there is the usual painting. Kyra Wood exhibits 3 beautiful paintings, of figures gently entwined or caressing arty with lots of drips, a lot of style and expression – 3 studies for “gently”.

Many of the exhibiting artists work Madman Entertainment, who sponsored the exhibition. Madman is an employer who cares about their employee’s creative life enough to sponsor the exhibition. (This is not the first art exhibition that I have seen presented by work colleagues and sponsored by their employer – but it is the most daring theme). Madman had a small display of their classic erotic DVDs for sale at the exhibition, as well as, the usual sponsorship logos.

We need to be more good erotic art exhibitions like this one. So that people can see more ordinary erotic art exhibitions with beauty, style and fun, without regrets.

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