Daily Archives: January 12, 2011

Reader’s Poll

It is easy to become addicted to the daily stats of readers displayed on WordPress and like me many bloggers are checking their stats daily. Even with this constant attention and information about referrals, links, search terms and shares it is still very hard to predict what blog entries will attract the most readers. A big influence on the daily views is if it gets shared by a lot of people on Facebook. I can make broad generalizations that certain galleries, like the NGV, and certain celebrity artists, do attract more readers. But I would like more feedback.

I have been trying out features on WordPress. This time I am trying out a poll to find out what type of stories my readers are most interested. I know that polls like these are rather crude instruments for gauging opinions but if you want to leave more detailed feedback please comment. I am particularly interested in the opinions of subscribers and other regular readers. (WordPress has recently changed the way that they record subscribers so I have a lot more than I thought I did last year.)

Thank you for your participation.


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