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Lot’s Wife @ Pesgrave Place

The TwentybyThirty Gallery is the smallest gallery in Melbourne; it is a vitrine 20x30cm in the corner of the door of a bar. It is in Pesgrave Place. You will never find Pesgrave Place unless you know that it is off Howey Place, which is off Little Collins St. just before it crosses Swanston Walk. It is a cul de sac principally used to service the shops that backs on to it.

Frames in Pesgrave Place, Melbourne

The collection frames are still on the wall of Pesgrave Place 4 or 5 years that they were glued there – so much for the ephemeral nature of street art. There is other street art in Pesgrave Place but is not as dense as in other Melbourne street lanes.

Daniel Dorall, Lot's Wife, 2011

It was hard to see Daniel Dorall’s installation “Lot’s Wife” at TwentybyThirty Gallery because of building work going on when I went to see it during the week. The Biblical metaphor of Lot’s wife fleeing from the decadent city of Sodom is portrayed with dark humor. Dorall’s model of an architectural maze space perfectly fills the small space and the maze of laneways leading to Pesgrave Place. If you haven’t seen Dorall’s art before then this will be a good work to see and it can be seen any time during day or night. Read my other blog posts about Dorall’s art – enter “Dorall” in the search box in the right column and click search.

Has anyone else visited Pesgrave Place?


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