The Message – more political graffiti

I wrote in my recent post about culture jamming that “maybe it is time for a return to the politics of the blunt aphoristic quality of the graffiti slogan”. So here is a message from some anarchists to the Australian government about Australia’s inhumane treatment of refugees. (Notice that this message is site specific to the supermarket with its wall fenced off to prevent graffiti.)

And here are some more clear messages:









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5 responses to “The Message – more political graffiti

  • CDH

    This is going to sound pedantic, but spelling mistakes in political graffiti always serve to undermine their message in my mind.

  • Dexter

    I wonder if there are many other political topics, like drug law reform, freedom of speech/media ownership, gay rights or freedom from religion covered within the graffitti profession??

    • Mark Holsworth

      There might be but I haven’t seen them (aside from portraits of Julian Assange – I have a separate blog post about that).

  • robert

    I made a video on the political graffiti I’ve seen in Melbourne, check it out!

    • Mark Holsworth

      Thanks Robert, that’s a great summary in the video. I wonder if a few of the “Fuck Doyle” images aren’t about Adrian Doyle after Empty Nursery Blue, rather than Robert Doyle, the Mayor.

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