Black Mark’s 500th Blog Post

A lot of blog posts, it has been a hell of a journey. I’ve seen a lot of great exhibitions, tracked down a lot of beautiful street art and met a few interesting people along the way. Then I do a lot of work researching and writing blog posts. There has been, as my old lecturer in aesthetics, John McKenzie of Monash University Philosophy Department used to say, “a lot of thinking hard about art”. In each post I’ve tried to write about different galleries, new aspects of street art or new aspects of Melbourne’s culture.

To celebrate this milestone I thought that I’d link back to my favourite blog posts. They are not necessarily the most popular, although Keith Haring in Melbourne is very popular; some are amongst the least read blog posts. They are the blog posts that I’d recommend people to read, that I would want included in some pie in the sky anthology of this blog.

Faster Pusssycat – this was my first blog post, apart from the intro one that I’ve since taken down. It comes with its own video – a feature too complex to do too often.

Keith Haring in Melbourne – I did a fair amount of research for this post and I’ve been a fan of Keith Haring since the 80s.

Banksy in Melbourne – writing about Haring made me want to write more about major street artists who have visited Melbourne. This required even more research and in the process I made a few mistakes that I have corrected (that photo in the other blog never looked right, I should have followed my instincts.)

More Art Censorship – This was my first take on the Bill Henson furore May 22, 2008. Crikey linked to my post when they wrote about the furore the next day – I like the instant publishing feature of blogging.

Public Art on Brunswick Street – Again this entry has a lot of local research and it has a great postscript from Bronwyn Snow with more detail about her sculpture.

Art Zombies – If I only wrote about art that I like then this entry would not have been written and this entry describes an important, but largely unmentioned, part of Australian art history.

Colour Wii World –  I don’t just write about art – computer games are also part of culture and this one was designed in Melbourne.

Alternative Exhibition Spaces – this is a rewritten version of blog posts from an earlier blog that I liked so much I republished it.

Problems with Art History – A few thoughts about meta-history issues in art history that I’m pleased to have written.

And a couple of exhibition critiques of exhibitions:

Joel Gailer & Printing

Mute Relics Bedevilled Creatures 

If you don’t have a good income and you have enjoyed these posts or others on this blog then tell me about it. If you do have a good income and you have enjoyed this blog then donate. The button is just there on the side bar. (I don’t have a good income and I do have expenses in writing this blog: internet access, travel, books and magazines. How much would you pay for a magazine? How much does your gallery pay each month for advertising in Art Almanac?) Anyway, that’s my 500th post.


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Writer, independent researcher and artist, Mark Holsworth is the author of the book Sculptures of Melbourne. View all posts by Mark Holsworth

2 responses to “Black Mark’s 500th Blog Post

  • philthy philthosa

    Howdy blog-alot-ter, i do a blog on melbourne art stuff too. Mainly it’s a ‘what’s on where’ kind of list, probably one of the most comprehensive lists of art exhibitions, openings, launches, with some music & noise & “other” free/cheap activities to do in ye olde melbourne town. Just wondering if you’re interested in swapping links (on your blogroll, or whatever). I’ve been posting objective information about what’s on in melbourne for a number of years now, but i seem to elicit a strong love/hate response from people. Any feedback’d be great, but just a link swap is what i’m after (but not like invurt, where i added them & they went “eff u”)… have a geezer at & see if it’s up your alley. Some people hate it, i think because of my view that free wine & cheese makes me like the art better at any given exhibition. Is that wrong? maybe. But it’s the truth.
    Regardless, if you’re keen, let me know! I just tend to spread information that i glean from a zillion different sources… Like your work, anyways.
    Philthy Philthosa

    • Mark Holsworth

      Hi Philthy,
      Let’s swap links. I have now added a link to your blog on my blog roll. Reminding me that I must clean up my blog roll and get rid of sites that are no longer posting – unlike your regular posts.
      I have looked at your blog from time to time – Doyle from Blender Studios once suggested that I do a blog like yours with exhibition opening lists. I was feeling tired of exhibition openings at the time – beware humas dip and cheap wine – so I wasn’t that interested. Also the design of your blog is just filthy, even for me with my distain for layout queens, and that might have put me off. Maybe that put off Fletch from Invurt as well – but I’d try asking again – Fletch is a nice guy and your blog link might have got lost in a redesign of Invurt – I don’t know if he has me on his blog roll.

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