Dark & Light

Two current exhibitions one dark and the other light.

RMIT First Site Gallery describes this exhibition as “probably the darkest show we have ever had…” on their Facebook page.  The trio of exhibitions at First Site are dark as in obscured rather than dark subject matter; obscured by lacunas, palimpsests and dark spaces. Lacunas and palimpsests were popular subjects at the height of post-modern in nineties because they referred to areas of uncertain and indeterminate meaning.

Eugenia Raftopoulos, Some things last a long time is a series of uncanny and subdued oil paintings that often featuring lacuna, a missing section, a hole in the illusion of the painting. Nicholas McGintity, Parallel, a 47 sec video loop features palimpsests, crossed out black and white pornographic images, shown sideways, out of focus and otherwise obscured as they rapidly click through the loop like a demented slide show.

Wilson Yeung, Trace, features 31 boxes with pinhole photographs using a monotype transfer process. In the darkness of the gallery, the blurry images of the faces are almost unrecognisable as the images in the back lit boxes pulse from light to dark.

No Vacancy’s exhibition Look Mum! couldn’t be more different, it is light like a child’s drawings on the fridge. Look Mum! is a group show featuring eight Melbourne-based illustrators: Eveline Tarunadjaja, Sean Morris, Fiona Lee, Gnashing Teeth, Stevie D, Sass Cocker, Jeremy Ley and Jospeh Keena. Each of the illustrators are showing their mature work next to drawings and toys from their childhood displayed on fridges, just as they were in childhood. Each of the fridges has the artist’s name displayed on it in magnetic letters. Beside each fridge there is a shelf of toys and other memorabilia from the artist’s childhood. The gallery has a domestic feel with a lounge area and a table with paper and crayons for doing your own drawings. It is a great look for an exhibition about illustration and I don’t know why I haven’t seen it before.

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One response to “Dark & Light

  • Ashlley Morgan-Shae

    Mark, Eugenia Raftopoulos in 2013 falsely accused two fellow male Masters students of sexual harassment (one supposedly for bumping into her at the entrance door). One was our only black student. Eugenia’s false statements, unsigned, cost three students their academic art careers.
    I wrote a character letter for one student, Ligel, falsely accused, and then received constant threats from staff that I would now not go on to a PhD. The uni authorised a firewall preventing email contact with my classmates who were also told to have no contact with me, and no graduation exhibition.
    I have fought a legal battle with the uni for a year to get re-marking without Genie’s advisor managing the marking process. My uni hearings did not follow fair hearing laws. At the Human Rights Commission the university lawyer made only false statements. The uni lawyer falsified my own academic record, claiming my marks were Credits and Distinctions. All my previous marks at RMIT are only Distinctions.
    Just look up Ligel’s website for how he experienced the racism from Eugenia’s 2013 false charges in the university.
    Eugenia is a secondary school teacher. She has life-damaged three adult artists. I wonder how any secondary school student could fight when we three could not clear her dark machinations.
    Darkness, and lack of responsibility, you do not know how dark she is.

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