Mr Poetry Breaks A Leg

Last month Mr Poetry, the sculpture of the fat man on the corner of Brunswick Street and Argle Street in Fitzroy, was hit by a truck. One leg and part of the plinth were broken in the accident. The outer bronze shell was cracked at the thigh and the steel armature exposed.

Damage to Mr Poetry

The sculpture is now at the Perrin Sculpture Foundry in Cheltenham and Bill Perrin, who originally cast it, is repairing it. Bronze sculptures are repairable, the sculpture was originally welded together from separate parts, the broken leg will be welded back into place and then application of the rust-red patination will conceal the weld.

I spoke to Peter Corlett about the accident. He is philosophical about the damage and told me that this is the second time that the sculpture has been hit by a truck. “These things happen in a vibrant city.” Corlett thinks that the truck was probably doing a three point turn and that the driver was probably watching the plinth in his review mirror but didn’t see the leg sticking out.

Although the figure will be repaired and reinstalled the minor damage to the side of Mr Poetry’s plinth will not be repaired. As the plinth is concrete there would be difficulty in getting the repair to match and Corlett thinks that the slight damage will fit in with the atmosphere of Brunswick Street.

The Yarra City Council has plans to install a bollard on the corner to provide protection for the sculpture in future.

Mr Poetry damaged

Read my earlier post for more on Mr Poetry.

Mr Poetry plinth

Peter Corlett, Mr Poetry

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3 responses to “Mr Poetry Breaks A Leg

  • Pauline

    awww, he’s having a hip replacement…

  • David Rawlins

    if the statue of my late uncle needs a new home, and the city of fitzroy really want to move it and the artist who made it dosen’t mind, you may consider moving it to Adrian Rawlins grave site at the jewish section of springvale cemetry on browns road in springvale, uncle Adrian is buried in an unmarked grave, the state may become his actual head stone and grave site, you may need to contact the cemetry for the location of the grave site, I think Adrians father Alfred Rawlinsand his mother Leah Rawlins and younger brother Barry Rawlins would be happy to see Adrians grave site from there grave site at the family burial site it the rose garden at springvale cemetry nearby, its just a thought, I think the Rawlins family may appriciate the statue more than the Fiztroy city council. The statue is a real work of art, Adrians deceased family really loved it when they were alive. Thank for your time.

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