Mark Holsworth with Melbourne graffiti

Mark Holsworth with Melbourne graffiti


Mark Holsworth – Writer and Artist

The author of Sculptures of Melbourne (Melbourne Books 2015), a history of public sculpture in Melbourne along with various articles, short stories, plays, role-playing game scenarios, and hack writing jobs.

I have lived a Gen-X version of a boys own artistic adventure: writing, traveling, playing in bands and making art. I still enjoy play a weekly role-playing game (lots of Chaosium games).

As a teenager I was wrote plays for theatre; Sister Sister was first performed at St. Martin’s Youth Theatre in Melbourne in 1983 and subsequently at the MCAE in 1985 and LaTrobe Uni in 1996.

I went to Monash University where I did an honours major in philosophy and minor in visual arts history. I was very interested in the intersection of philosophy and art and so I did MA in philosophy at LaTrobe University about Marcel Duchamp’s readymades.

The first garage band that I was in had Richard Watts, of 3RRR’s SmartArts, as lead singer. This was followed by Jabberwock, an experimental music group, Edie Sedgwick’s Overdose, a tribute band to the Velvet Underground with Ron Rude, and, finally, Dada Tribe #373 a techno band, part of Melbourne’s Clan Analogue.

I was part of the 2001 internet company Nasdaq bubble, working as an editor with, an internet directory, along with ghost-sign expert, Stefan Schutt and film critic, Cerise Howard and other talented people.

Along with many group exhibitions I have had a few solo exhibitions in several Melbourne galleries, most recently at Viewing Space. I have also organised exhibitions, including Crypt Orchid, a goth art exhibition. In 2008 I was the volunteer co-ordinator for the Melbourne Stencil Festival and I was its secretary in 2009 and 2010, when it re-branded itself as Sweet Streets.

Mark Holsworth, Sancho Panza, 2006, oil on wood

Mark Holsworth, Sancho Panza, 2006, oil on wood

Mark Holsworth, Portrait of John Coleman, 2013, oil on wood

Mark Holsworth, Portrait of John Coleman, 2013, oil on wood


“Dan Wollmering at & Gallery” World Sculpture News v23 n3 Summer 2017

“Why the Brett Whiteley forgery convictions were quashed” The Daily Review 1 May 2017

“10 things learnt from 10 years of blogging” ArtsHub 20/2/2017

Sculptures of Melbourne (Melbourne Boooks, 2015)

“Paul Yore” Vault – New Art & Culture Magazine Issue 8

“Artist Acquitted of Obscenity, but Chill of Censorship Endures”  Hyperallergic (3/10/14)

“Justice, with one foot forward” Justinian (18/9/2014)

“The branding of Joel Gailer: Performprint SpectacularImprint Magazine (Spring, 2014)

“From Great Men to Landmarks – RMIT and Melbourne’s Public Sculpture” Revelations – Sculpture from the RMIT Art Collection (catalogue, RMIT Gallery, May 2014)

“A Century of Readymades” Art Monthly Australia (Nov. 2013)

Child p-rn – or art censorship by wannabe Tory polliesCrikey (5/6/13)

Melbourne’s Selfie MeccaHyperallergic (30/5/13)

Will Coles – Concrete ChipsTrouble (March, 2013)

“What the Hell Are We Going to Do With All This Junk?” Hyperallergic (23/11/12)

“Beware Street Artists Bearing Thought-provoking Gifts” Hyperallergic (7/11/12)

“Small Change for Big Culture”  Trouble (Dec/Jan 2011)

Mark Holsworth, History, 2008, oil on wood

Mark Holsworth, History, 2008, oil on wood

Thanks to James Lane for his support of this blog and to Evangeline Cachinero for creating the Black Mark banner.



16 responses to “About

  • Jennie

    I’ve really enjoyed reading through your blog, especially the censorship issues (a topic close to my heart!)

  • rjs

    Thank you for the encouragement. It’s heartening to know that someone out there is interested. Check out my Artist of the Month. If not at my blog, swing by William Lamson’s homepage at


  • bunyanth

    Hi Mark
    Thankx for your comments and pingbacks to Art Blart.

    Many thankx and keep up the reivews!


  • meika

    I found you through twittering links including

    Just like to let you know I’ve taken up sculpture and I agree that there should be more, and that there are too many painters and, yes, it’s harder to set up a workshop than a studio.

  • Paul Candy

    Hi Mark I have been really enjoying your posts, especially the maturation of your own work…I am looking at ‘plainwrap art’ at the moment on my wall, a concept driven work of yours from the early ’90’s. I just had a show at Electundra 2009…great to catch up recently. Hugz Senor

  • Graham Brindley

    I appreciated your comments and observations regarding my work in the VCA Graduate Show. Thank you. Regards Graham

  • paul


    where is the political art? good question. i live in texas and g.w. was fun but a new media smart suit rules.
    like you to point me to artist that you think are politically active. thank you for your time

  • Michael

    Hey there Mark, keep up the great work!

  • Daniel

    Disappointing to see what Melbourne City Council did to a large part of our laneway Art today in Rankins Lane (CBD)for apparently no good reason.!/photo.php?pid=4108331&id=152629751175

  • graham brindley

    Hi Mark
    You reviewed my work in the VCA Grad. show last year and said to let you know when I am exhibiting.
    I am in a group show titled Substance, at Guildford Lane Gallery and opening this Thursday July 8th at 6 – 8 pm.
    Hope you can take a look.
    Regards Graham Brindley

  • Steve

    Hi Mark,

    Great Blog, any chance you could help get the word out about Upfest, Europes largest ‘Live’ Street arts festival? We are looking to accomodate over 250 artists at this years festival, details on registration can be found here, we’ve already have interest from a couple of artists from Oz, but would be great to see some more here in Bristol on the 4th and 5th of June. (Unfortunately we don’t have a budget for flights but if anyone applies I’m sure we can find them a place to stay…

    he festival is open to all abilities and styles :-)

    Spray in Peace

    Steve & The Upfest Team

  • Glenda

    Hey Mark,
    Just to let you know I have directed my VCE students to your site for their Unit on Discussing and Debating Art. Great for them to see current art issues in Melbourne being discussed and open for debate! Their assessment task will be based on Street Art…any suggestions on a pithy question for them to debate in their work?

    • Mark Holsworth

      Thanks Glenda. A debate topic on Street Art that I think needs to be discussed: that Street Art is really conservative and not as radical as it claims.

  • tessritchie

    Hey, yay this is good. I’m not in Melbourne but like it all the same, good idea :)

  • alt.truisms

    Thank you for following my blog. Look forward to sharing more with you. xoxo Anais

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