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Lex Injusta

There is advertising campaign in Victoria about massive fines for carrying spray paint cans. These alleged ‘laws’ are draconian, unprincipled and may not actually be laws. The fines may not actually be laws, as they do not conform to legal principles in reversing the onus of proof, presuming that the accused is guilty until they prove that they have a legal reason for carrying spray paint cans. The ancient legal maxim holds lex injusta non est lux (an unjust law is no true law). Unless you want to argue that laws are what ever a government orders is law. Unfortunately this means that you maintain that the Nazi genocide was legal as they were the legitimate German government at the time.

Laws do not need publicity for ignorance of the law is no excuse but ignorance of a gang leader’s orders is a valid excuse. Hence, the need for the advertising campaign.

Whether these fines for carrying spray paint cans are unjust laws or simply the orders of a regime with no interest in justice is debatable there can be no debate that they are unjust and unfair. Send your comments to about these disgusting anti-graffiti campaign to graffiti@justice.vic.gov.au or email your local MP. Not that this will do any good as they are professional pachyderms but you might want to vent your disgust on them.

Keeping up the good sarcastic fight against these disgusting anti-graffiti legislation is Zero Tag http://www.zero-tag.org/ who also have a video on YouTube. (Cheers to Littleboy Hercules for point it out to me.) Zero Tag is well produced with videos, photographs and graphics – it is actually a piece of viral marketing by a popular sports footwear brand, but the brand is never even mentioned on the site. The site is a lot of fun presenting “facts” like: “As of April 2008, ZeroTAG had removed 240,500 incidents of graffiti from local areas and 191 graffiti artist from their families.” And their complete list of banned materials is far more extensive than just spray paint cans – marker pens, ink, chalk, squids, shoes… Zero Tag’s philosophy is if you can’t beat them – make fun of them.

The Victorian government’s propaganda at Hawksburn station has been already covered with a tag.

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