Sculptures of Melbourne

Sculptures of Melbourne

by Mark S. Holsworth

Published by Melbourne Books

Sculptures of Melbourne cover

“…providing an effuse and accessible discussion on public sculpture’s relationship with the urban environment…”

Sebastian Dewhurst, National Trust of Australia (Victoria) Issue 3 2015

“I love books that guide me to look at my city with fresh eyes, and this one inspires me to get out there with my camera and photograph my favourites just as Holsworth has done.”

Lisa Hill, ANZ LitLovers LitBlog

Sculptures of Melbourne explores major changes in the nature of public sculpture. When Melbourne was established, sculpture was heavily influenced by the colonial legacy of neo-classical bronze and marble statues. From 1980 onwards, public sculpture changed dramatically, not only in style but in materials, location and sheer numbers. This book, which includes controversial modernist sculptures such as ‘The Yellow Peril’ as well as unofficial laneway installations, tells the story of how the shifting trends in public sculpture moved from a classical style, to commemorative, to a corporate modernist style, to being integrated into urban design, and finally evolving into a contemporary style, which is non-traditional and temporary.

Hardback 210x190mm

Colour photos throughout 224 pages

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